Los Admirables de Sinaloa is a Mexican Regional Band founded by Fernando Rios ( bass & 2cond vocal) in Culiacan Sinaloa Mexico. They play traditional Norteña music, this type of music growth in U.S., Mexico, and Central America.

Only 7 years in the music business Admirables de Sinaloa had been recorded 5 albums under different discographic brands, Been a very versatile band allow them to have a wide musical range, from the traditional Norteñas to Cumbias , Sones as well as Ballads and Boleros, influence on the well know style Los Corridos Balland, Admirables de Sinaloa had reach audience with different styles and songs.

Their work include “La Captura del Mochomo”has collect 2 millions of viewer in “Youtube”, also songs such as “25 de Diciembre”“El tipo de Tren “and “ El Legado del 50” amount of others.

Between the months May and July 2015 the group decide to move in there carrier along with artist and music producer Guillermo Pascual allowing the producer to express his creativity and experience to a new production recorded at “Estudios Cabrera”production was Mix and masterizado for the winner of the Latin Grammy Don Jose Angel Cabrera, and song writer Marco Figueroa (DM Los recoditos, Gionanny Cabrera , Gerado Ortiz, Calibre 50, Larry Hernandez, Voz de Mando, Banda Carnava & Jesus Sauceda)

With this new release “Yo no acepto este trato”“Nada mas a ti”“Que siga la fiesta”and “ La Pipirisnice”They expect attract and hold the interest of their audience, fans and their followers.

  • Admirables de Sinaloa - Yo No Acepto Ese Trato
  • Admirables de Sinaloa - El 2 Atenta2
  • Admirables de Sinaloa - El R.A. (Versión Norteña)
  • Admirables de Sinaloa - Sample Producción 2015

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