From a producer's point of view, my goal is nothing else than the link between creativity of the artist and the final product. It is never given the true value until it's understood the work realized by the producer. The songs are ideas but, not only that last final touch is worth, because nothing makes sense until this work goes and reach the right hands.

-Material's Selection


-Selected Items: last rehearshal


-Musicians And Engineers

-Mix And Mastering

At this point, there is no school to teach you, just instinct or talent and balance between nostalgic and "new fashion". I've been fortunate to work with great producers internationally and musicians who in turn learned great advances in the music world.

I have produced hundreds of songs for all kinds of artists with what they give me a broader range of different styles of music's spectrum. One of the pillars is the choice of the best producer price / quality level that one can choose. Everything takes time and requires patience. Here I leave some of the production that I could contribute to the world of music from independent artists, new or some consecrated. It is a prize, as musician, to perform this as important as the producer's work.

Guillermo Pascual