These are some of my recent work for post-production's company of Universal Music named 'KillerTracks " where I have composed about 150 songs.

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My goal is to create a fusion of styles, a real mix of origins and rhythms found in one place.

From the Classic, Pop, Rock, Funk, Blues, EDM ... music .. with all that now escapes into the boundless world of 'World Music' make my style a reference to follow.

If you lock yourself in a musical trend, you're probably one of the best in that range, but when it comes to the fusion of styles there is no limit to escape any human being to seek any identity in the compositions.

The transmission of feelings through music is a clear target to get.

The role of manager is one of those elements that elevate you to an unknown dimension.

Having gone through the entire production process, sometimes one of those functions of the manager is to interact between the record company and / or distributor or the the public.

Difficult task due to the constant barrage of products like a crowded highway is involved.

Giving the security and progress make a manager maximum effectiveness.

We will give not only advice from a point of view of industry, but also, with all lawyers, the general and specific advice as required.

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Sound Design: GP and Noart Productions.